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Nervousness doesn't always make driving safer

Whether a driver is new to the road or has decades of experience, they might feel nervous every time they sit behind the wheel. This anxious feeling makes perfect sense; other people can forget that they are operating a machine capable of killing someone.

Slow commute traffic isn't any safer than fast traffic

A vehicle's speed can make it more hazardous. The driver has less time to respond to a roadway obstacle. They must also travel farther before they can make an emergency stop than they would at slow speeds. For these reasons, drivers follow posted speed limits.

Misconceptions about right-of-way in Washington: Part 2

On the road, right-of-way is an important guide to safety. In the courtroom, it can also help an accident victim prove that the other driver is at fault for injuries and damage. Every driver in Washington should understand when to yield and when to proceed to avoid dangerous crashes.

Misconceptions about right-of-way in Washington: Part 1

Traffic laws can keep drivers, cyclists and pedestrians out of harm's way on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers quickly forget the lessons they once memorized in a driver's education course. They can find themselves in trouble with police or in an accident if they neglect the law.

Celebrate Distracted Driving Awareness Month

When heading down the road to the grocery store - a route you have taken a thousand times - are you tempted to entertain yourself on the way? Do you tap away a quick message to remind your spouse to pick up the kids from school?

Pedestrian deaths rose faster than any other crash type

The world can be a dangerous place. Traffic accidents can happen to anyone at any time - even if they aren't the one driving. Simply walking along the street may be enough to cause a Seattle resident to get hurt in a crash.

Could police make Seattle intersections safer?

Intersections can be dangerous, especially during rush hour. Drivers in a hurry may attempt to pass through an intersection just before the light turns red, if not during a red light. In the worst case, they can cause a crash. While there are legal punishments for these crimes, sadly they still happen on a daily basis.

Recognizing the signs of whiplash

Unlike movie depictions, traffic accidents don't always involve explosions or catastrophic dives off of cliffs. In fact, the majority of accidents don't look like much. A few dents might not seem so destructive, but minor crashes can still create major injuries for drivers and passengers.

Good tires can save you from an emergency

We have all had risky moments on the road: swerving out of the way, braking hard or slipping toward an intersection. Many drivers owe their safety in these situations to their tires. As the only point of contact between your vehicle and the ground, tires have a vital role.

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