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Severe Injuries

The experienced Issaquah personal injury attorneys at Dean Standish Perkins & Associates are vigorous advocates for those who suffer severe injuries in auto accidents and other incidents arising out of other people’s negligence. The impact that severe injuries can have on your life is dramatic: Everyday tasks that were once simple can seem overwhelming, and you may find yourself unable to do the things that used to make your life complete. While nothing may be able to make your life complete, our Issaquah personal injury lawyers can help mitigate the burdens by helping you get the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, loss of enjoyment of life, and the other emotional and financial consequences of your injuries.

Spinal Injuries

Injuries to the spine can be extremely painful and result in permanent disability. Many severe injuries to the spine are life-altering and can drastically change your daily routine. If someone else caused your suffering through negligence, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

Vehicle collisions are notorious for causing spinal damage and other severe injuries, leaving drivers and passengers in need of surgery, pain medication and ongoing physical therapy. The upper, lower and mid-back areas can all be damaged as a result of a car accident. The impact of a collision may also cause compression fractures to the spine, which can result in permanent disabilities.

If you exhibit any of the following symptoms after a car accident, you may have suffered a severe spinal injury:

  • Abnormal bowel or bladder control
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Numbness
  • Arm and/or leg weakness
  • Tingling sensation
  • Paralysis (paraplegia and quadriplegia)


Severe impact or trauma to the spinal cord can result in impairment of the lower extremities, including loss of sensation and motor functions. This condition, known as paraplegia, often results from auto accidents involving severe collisions. Paraplegia may also result in loss or impairment of bowels, bladder movements and sexual functions. All of these are compensable damages in Washington personal injury settlements and litigation.


Also known as tetraplegia, quadriplegia is caused by severe injuries to the spine. Unlike paraplegia, quadriplegia can result in paralysis of all of the limbs, and also the torso. Depending on the severity of the condition, people who suffer from quadriplegia may even need help breathing due to damage to the spinal nerves controlling the diaphragm.

Other Common Serious Injuries In Washington Personal Injury Cases

Other severe injuries that are common in auto accidents include the following:

If you have suffered any of these injuries in an auto accident where another driver may have been at fault, our Issaquah personal injury attorneys can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Additionally, if you lost a loved one, we can explore the possibility of a wrongful death case.

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