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Rainy Weather And Car Accident Liability

Rain is a fact of life in Issaquah. With hydroplaning and limited visibility, drivers need to be aware of what our responsibilities are and how rain can contribute to a car accident. Learn how you can prevent an accident in the rain and what the law says about driving in a storm.

When driving in inclement weather, Washington drivers should use caution and not exceed a reasonable speed. This generally means slowing down and not following a drive as closely as you would if the weather was clear. While the law may be unclear about whether the headlights are explicitly required during a rain storm, lights will make you more visible to other drivers.

Here are a few ways you can improve your safety during rainfall:

  • Do not make dramatic turns or movements
  • Turn off cruise control and slow your vehicle
  • Stay alert and keep an eye out for stopped cars or pedestrians
  • Be aware of large puddles or flooding

The Law And Inclement Weather

If you get into a car accident while it is raining, your actions may affect a personal injury claim. Washington has contributory fault state laws, which means that if your actions were partially to blame for the injury, that may limit the damages you can recover. With rain as a factor, your speed and actions may have contributed to the accident even if you fell within the normal parameters of the law.

At Dean Standish Perkins & Associates, we provide legal counsel for drivers who have been injured in an accident. We have over three decades of experience with Washington law and can help you navigate the complex world of car accidents. We have helped plaintiffs get fair compensation for their pain and pay for their injury treatment.

A Lawyer For Rainy Days

If you get into a car accident while it was raining, it is crucial that you have an attorney examine your case. To speak privately with an attorney for a free consultation, call 206-981-5043 or send us an email.