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Winter Weather And Car Accidents

Recent years have brought serious ice storms to Issaquah. Unfortunately, this severe winter weather has also brought greater risk to Issaquah roadways, leaving cars damaged and people injured.

While snow, ice, sleet and other winter weather can bring new challenges to a person’s life, they do not have to face those challenges alone. At Dean Standish Perkins & Associates, we create personalized legal strategies based on over thirty years of experience. We stand with victims of car accidents and help injured people pursue full compensation for their claims.

Protecting Yourself Before And After An Accident

Knowing how to handle winter weather can be vital for drivers, and you can take a number of precautions to protect yourself and others on the roadway. These steps can include:

  • Driving slowly
  • Avoiding cruise control and instead adjusting speed to match current conditions
  • Maintaining a greater distance between your vehicle and other vehicles, especially when moving uphill or downhill
  • Using headlights when driving in heavy snow to improve the visibility of your vehicle
  • Steering gradually if your car begins to slide

Even when drivers take precautions, winter weather can still contribute to accidents, especially when other drivers do not drive with the same care. Because the court could view you as partially responsible for a collision, it can be especially important to speak with an experienced attorney after an accident. They can help you take steps to protect your rights and hold others responsible for their part in the accident.

Discuss Your Accident With An Attorney

After a collision related to winter weather, exploring your options can be an important step toward getting the support you need. To schedule a free and private consultation with an experienced attorney, call 206-981-5043 or reach out to our firm online.