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Staying Safe This Summer In Pools And Water

For many people, the picture-perfect summer day involves relaxing on the water or the pool. We’re fortunate to have a wealth of rivers, lakes and the ocean in the Issaquah area. There is no shortage of opportunities for boating, swimming, paddle-boarding and other water activities.

Nobody wants that picture-perfect day to end in tragedy. At Dean Standish Perkins & Associates, a personal injury law firm in downtown Issaquah, we have seen far too many cases of summertime water accidents. Our sincere hope is for everyone to stay safe this summer. If an accident does happen, we are here to address the legal aftermath. Our lawyers have fought for the rights of injury victims for decades.

Boating And Jet-Skiing Safely

While you’re out enjoying the water this summer, reduce your risk of accidents by following these tips:

  • Keep your speed appropriate to the conditions. Use caution in waters that you don’t know. There may be concealed pilings or other dangers lurking below the surface.
  • Use life jackets. On smaller crafts like Jet Skis and paddleboards, wear a life vest at all times. On larger vessels, keep an appropriate number of Coast Guard-approved life jackets on board.
  • Never boat while intoxicated. When in doubt, stay off the water.

Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming pools are another common summer hazard. Prevent accidents by:

  • Securing your pool with a locked gate or enclosure
  • Always supervising children (in groups, designate one adult to act as a lifeguard)
  • Keeping life-saving hooks and rings handy
  • Ensuring that pool drains are properly covered
  • Never diving into shallow water

When tragic swimming pool accidents happen, you may have a claim for compensation against the property owner, often through their insurance. Our lawyers can walk you through the specifics.

Talk To Us About Your Water-Related Accident Case

We are familiar with the legal nuances of these kinds of cases, and we can fight for the full compensation you deserve. To talk with our legal team during a free consultation, please call 206-981-5043 or reach out to us online.