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What Do After A Bicycle Accident

Collisions between bicyclists and cars are unfortunately common in major cities. Bicycle injuries can be severe and may often be related to the brain or spine. What follows are a few steps bicyclists can take to aid in their personal injury cases.

If a car strikes you while riding your bike, your first priority is to make sure you are safe and out of any immediate danger. Check yourself for injuries and get immediate care for any severe problems. Do not try to ride your bike away from an injury because you may have a concussion or medical problem that has not presented itself.

Documenting The Incident

After you are out of danger, make sure that the police or other medical professionals are on their way. Include your account of the accident in the police report and explain all injuries the accident caused. Make sure you gather the contact information for all parties, including the police officer, witnesses and the driver of the vehicle.

Gather this information from the driver of the car:

  • Driver’s license and vehicle license number
  • Address and phone number
  • Insurance information, including the policy number

You will want to save the physical evidence from the accident; this includes the bike, helmet and any other clothing you were wearing.

Contacting An Attorney

If a car injures you, it is important to contact a legal professional who can evaluate your case and explain how comparative negligence may work in your situation. A lawyer can work with your insurance company and attempt to negotiate your coverage. A skilled attorney can represent you in both the courtroom and at the settlement table.

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