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How Truck Injury Cases Are Often Resolved

Collisions between a commercial truck and a passenger car often cause serious injuries and may result in a wrongful death. Although the reasons behind truck accidents vary, the injury cases are often resolved in similar ways. Learn what you can expect if you sustain an injury in an accident with a commercial vehicle.

Most cases in today’s legal world do not go to court. The vast majority of legal cases are resolved in out-of-court settlements between the parties. Many parties prefer settlements because they are relatively quick and lack the extensive legal fees that generally happen because of extended court time. While many injured clients may prefer to see their day in court, a settlement may receive a similar amount of money without the additional legal hassle.

Here are a few key benefits of an out of court settlement:

  • It can be much less intense than an adversarial court battle.
  • If the parties come to an agreement, the process may be faster.
  • The process can be a discussion, rather than a defensive fight between the parties.

Of course, if an injured person does take a settlement, there may be negatives. There is a chance that a court settlement could be less than what a court would decide. A settlement usually means that the plaintiff is unable to pursue additional legal action against the defendant. Even with these issues, settlements are still common.

An Attorney Is Important For A Settlement

While a settlement is an alternative to court, an attorney is still recommended for the settlement process. A legal professional can explain the full extent of injuries sustained in a truck accident and position your argument to an arbitrator. A lawyer can also review the contracts and structure a settlement in a beneficial way.

Dean Standish Perkins & Associates have resolved truck accident cases for 30 years. Our Issaquah office has reviewed hundreds of truck cases and aided many of our clients in receiving a positive resolution.

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