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Negligent Highway Design

By their very nature, highways are extremely dangerous. In addition to triaging a high volume of vehicles driving at high speeds, highways can be dangerous as a result of being improperly designed and/or built with defects. When a negligent highway design is to blame for your auto accident injuries, the Issaquah personal injury attorneys at Dean Standish Perkins & Associates can take on the state of Washington and its contractors to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Examples Of Negligent Highway Design

Highway design issues that frequently result in auto accidents with severe injuries include:

  • Insufficient ramps to and from highways
  • Construction areas causing unavoidable hazards
  • Lack of dividers or barriers
  • Blocked or absent signs
  • Blind curves and other hazardous locations
  • Inadequate protection from natural hazards (such as flooding, falling rocks and mudslides)
  • Poor construction

Our Issaquah personal injury attorneys are experienced in bringing negligent highway design claims on behalf of injured victims. These cases involve complex issues and defendants who have the money and resources to mount an exhaustive legal defense, so it is important to hire an attorney with specific experience in this segment of auto accident personal injury litigation to represent you in your claim.

Issaquah’s Deadly Highway 2

One of the most dangerous highways in Issaquah is Highway 2. Designed with numerous curves and bumps, this road has caused a number of accidents. In addition to these design issues, parts of the highway are located in an avalanche-prone area, and some sections lack a divider between oncoming traffic. Rainier Avenue in Issaquah also has an abnormally high number of car accidents as well.

Other Dangerous Highways In Washington State

Some other dangerous highways in Issaquah include the following:

  • Interstate 5: This roadway passes through California, Oregon, Washington, and stretches 1,381 miles.
  • I-90: The longest highway in America, I-90 spans 3,099.07 miles.
  • I-405: After recent construction, this highway has experienced a significant increase in volume and is now the most congested highway in the state of Washington.

All told, there were over 52,000 accidents and 302 fatalities on the Washington highways in 2006 (the last year for which data is available).

Issaquah Attorneys For Negligent Highway Design Claims

If you have been injured in an auto accident on Highway 2, Interstate 5, I-90, I-405 or any other Washington highway, please contact Dean Standish Perkins & Associates immediately for a free consultation. Our Issaquah personal injury attorneys have a proven track record of success, and will fight to obtain the maximum compensation available in your case.